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Elisabeth Michael

FB - Amazon Fire TV Giveaway!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful "Good Friday"! We of course are working today, but I wanted to stop in and say that we have a huge giveaway going on at our FB Page for 5 Amazon TV's!!!!! Yes! 5! Get over there and enter!!


We are gradually adding some new fashion accessories to the site as well as some really great kitchen and decor items as well! Isn't this just the cutest??!! 


More colors available too! Perfect for all kinds of things this summer! 


You can also enter our "Giveaway within the Giveaway" here to win the hot spring trend floral scarf or purchase it for only $7.99 (it's part of our current flash sale)!!



Have a wonderful day and great Easter Weekend!!

Spring - I can't believe my eyes!!! for many of us, it has been a brutal winter...for me...the worst ever!! After having a baby at the end of November, I of course didn't leave my house for a quite a while and then didn't want to leave my house because of all the snow!!! It was snowmageddon every other day - I swear!!! It was honestly wearing on me emotionally. Can anyone else relate?

So this year, I will be enjoying the warm weather more than I think I ever have or ever will! No opting out of a walk with a friend because I'm busy...I am taking every walk I can. :)

I haven't blogged partly because of I'm back and starting to feel my normal self again since I can see the warm weather at the end of the tunnel. :)

Lots of new things going on here...

We are doing lots of new products this spring, the first of which is a line of the cutest laundry bags - debuting on tomorrow morning at 7AM!! 


Next up will be a new series of flash sales on our site and a line of fashion items! 


If you aren't already a follower on FB - please go by and like our page! We do lots of BIG giveaways and quick easy ways to win things! You will get updates on sales and new products etc. as well. 


Chicago's Freezing Temp's, Gymboree and a Giveaway!

Hi Friends!


It is still FREEZING here in Chicago and I would love to say I am staying inside, but I am going to pick up my sister from Midway Airport today!


In the mean time, things are starting to get back to normal somewhat...Mike made a path to our mailbox so the postal worker can get to it.

Got some great deals on this morning! The Big Red Balloon Sale is going on right now and I'm sure it won't be the last thing I buy there during this sale! Check out this cutie...



And lastly for this post - a giveaway starting sometime today over at !!


Have a great day!



Shoutout to Fedex

I just want to give a quick Shout-out to Fedex. I just had a customer who also owns a new Etsy Shop tell me a problem she was having with UPS. I cannot speak for UPS because we don't generally use them, but I can speak for the USPS and Fedex. We do use the USPS, but they are the worst about losing international orders mainly because once they arrive at the destination country, they are no longer tracked. That being said, domestic shipping is generally alright, but international can be a nightmare...

Fedex on the other hand is just amazing! If you are a business and can't decide on which carrier to go with, choose Fedex. You will have your own personal Account Exec. who even will come to your place of business (that happens to be my house) to provide you with your printer, scale and labels. Their software is to die for not to mention the lady who walked us through installing it. The Zebra Printer will blow your mind with it's speed. Of course this is all with a minimum level of transit charges per week, but if you qualify for this...they are the best. Our daily pickup works like a charm and any time you need something rerouted, you can count on Fedex to find the package and grant your request.

So like I said, If you are a business and can't decide on which carrier to go with, choose Fedex! You will NOT be disappointed!



New Year and Fresh Start...

January is always a nice month IMO. I feel I get a fresh start to make the coming year better than the last and change some things to make that happen. In January, I can actually tell the days are getting longer again which means spring is coming - in NWI  - it's not exactly soon - but it's coming so there is hope! :) I need that hope today. As I type this, the windchill outside is -42 degrees!!  Burrrrr........!

This year:

1.We are scaling back largely on the number of patterns we offer in our Elisabeth Michael and Scoope Lines as well as a brand new outdoor collection of pillows I am so excited about. They are just so bright and cheery!

2. Working with a manufacturer to get better pricing and bulk products. 

3. A beautiful line of laundry bags.

4. Atlanta Home and Gift Show in July. 

5. Paying off business debt! 

6. New Shower Curtain Prints!

7. Working to increase our social media! We are already working on this...with a giveaway with Dazzle Me Deals! There is a $1,000 cash prize for some lucky winner plus all the giveaways from 49 different boutique vendors! 


I'm not really a resolution kind of girl...I just like to set some goals and work towards them...that may not mean I reach those goals, but I will at least make progress. 


And for the past year...I will admit, it was not the easiest with my husband going back to school me being pregnant with our second child, but we have a very sweet new addition - Eden Abigail - to show for it! 



What are your resolutions/goals for 2014?

Navy Blue Obsession

I have had an obsession with navy blue pretty much all of my life. I remember even as a child just loving the crisp combination of navy blue and white. Of course it comes in and out of style, but I always love it nevertheless. In my opinion it has a timeless quality about it when it comes to design and decor. Here are a few of my favorites...






I tend to dress according to what decor colors I am really loving at the camel, white and navy blue have been a little overdone in my wardrobe the last year or so ..but I figure, if you love it- Wear it! :)





And last but definitely not least...a color selection pallette.




I also love the Benjamin Moore color Williamsburg Blue. It is gorgeous and I used to have a wall in my previous house painted with this color. Love it! What Paint Colors have you used in navy blue hues?


FREE Pink Pillow cover with any purchase!

For those of you who receive our newsletter, these are the Pink Pillow Covers you can choose from as your free item with purchase. And if you didn't receive an email...just make a purchase and get any of these pink pillow covers for FREE!! 


Instructions: Simply tell us at checkout which pillow cover you would like to see as your free item. Please contact us through our chat option on site or email us at with any questions.


Greek key linen rose


Cotton Candy Honeycomb

Chevron Sherbet Pink 


Greek Key Sherbet PInk


Alison Pillow Candy Pink 


Chevron Candy Pink